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SIP Professional Spotmatic P1PM - Spot Welder (hand held)

Professional Spotmatic P1PM

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Professional Spotmatic P1PMSpot Welder (hand held)£481.25
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  • Manual timer and compensation circuit - Allows the welding of oxidised, zinc coated or paint residued sheet.
  • High output - 5750 amps maximum welding current providing welding thickness versatility.
  • Heavy duty transformer - Providing 2KVA @ 50% duty cycle.
  • 2mm plate welding capability - At a rate of 60 spots per hour for 2+2 sheet mild steel.
  • Superb welding speed - Will weld 1.2mm sheet mild steel (1.2+1.2) at a rate of 260 spots per hour.


Model Code25087
Input Voltage 50hz230V
Input Current20A
Output @ 50% Kva2
Continuous Input Kva1.4
Max. Short Circuit Input Kva16
Max. Welding Input Kva12.5
Short Circuit Current Amps7200
Secondary no load voltage2.3
Welding current amps5750
Max. Electrodes Stroke (mm)65-200
Arms length125
Arms gap (mm)96
Electrod arm (mm)20
Tip (mm)10
Packed Dimensions (HxWxL) mm170x460x350
Timing controlManual
Weight (Kgs)9.8